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What is the main function of each filter equipped with the SV500 Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

The SV500 Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with the following three types of filters:
Cyclone filter: When the vacuum cleaner is working, the air and dust mixture is sucked in through the suction port of the vacuum cleaner and initially enters the cyclone filter. Inside the cyclone filter, the mixture of air and dust is affected by the high-speed rotating airflow, resulting in strong centrifugal force. This centrifugal force makes larger particles and dust unable to rotate with the airflow due to their large mass, so they are thrown directly to the outer wall of the cyclone filter and slide along the outer wall into the dust bucket. Due to their small mass, fine dust and particles are less affected by centrifugal force, so they can follow the airflow and continue to enter the next-level filtration system. This design of the cyclone filter can not only effectively separate large particles of dust and reduce clogging of other filters, but also significantly improve filtration efficiency. Since large particles of dust are thrown directly into the dust bucket, the amount of dust entering the next-stage filtration system is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the burden on other filters and extending their service life. In addition, the cyclone filter also has the advantages of simple structure, easy cleaning and maintenance. When the dust in the dust bucket accumulates to a certain extent, the user only needs to take out the dust bucket and pour out the dust. If more thorough cleaning is required, you can also take out the cyclone filter, rinse it with clean water, dry it and then reuse it.
Sponge filter: The sponge filter plays a crucial role in the filtration system of the SV500 Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. As the second line of defense after the cyclone filter, it mainly performs deep filtration on the fine dust and particles that remain after initial separation. Its unique porous structure gives the sponge filter good adsorption properties, capable of capturing tiny dust particles like a sponge absorbing water. The porous design of the sponge filter allows air to pass through smoothly, while dust and particles are firmly absorbed by the pores on its surface or within. This filtration method is not only effective, but also maintains air circulation and prevents the vacuum cleaner from being clogged and reducing its performance. Due to the special nature of its material, sponge filters are very easy to clean. When the filter has accumulated a certain amount of dust, users can simply remove it, rinse it with clean water, and dry it for reuse. This reusable feature greatly reduces the cost of use and also reduces environmental pollution.
HEPA filter: The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is undoubtedly the star product of the SV500 Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner filtration system. As the last line of defense, its filtration performance reaches extremely high standards. HEPA filters can capture and filter out tiny particles with a diameter of more than 0.3 microns, including bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites and other common allergens. The filtration efficiency of the HEPA filter is as high as over 99.97%. This feature enables the SV500 Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to provide users with a healthier and safer air environment during the cleaning process. Whether for home use or commercial premises, HEPA filters ensure that users breathe purer air. In addition to efficient filtration performance, HEPA filters also have good sealing and durability. Its precise structural design ensures that air will not bypass the filter when passing through, thus ensuring the filtration effect. At the same time, high-quality materials and manufacturing processes enable HEPA filters to have a long service life and maintain efficient filtration performance for a long time.
To sum up, the SV500 Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner achieves efficient filtration and cleaning of the inhaled air through the combination of cyclone filter, sponge filter and HEPA filter, providing users with a healthier and more comfortable cleaning experience.