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SV901 Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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SV901 Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The multifunctional cordless hoover is a household cleaning appliance that includes functions of vacuuming, mopping, mite removal and disinfection. It has a cordless design and is battery powered, offering greater convenience and flexibility as it does not need the power connection.

The features and functions of multifunctional cordless hoover are as follows:

Vacuum function: With powerful suction power to remove dust, shed hair, pet hair and other debris from floors, carpets, furniture and other surfaces.

Lightweight design: Multifunctional cordless hoovers are often lightweight, and it is easy to carry and operate, which can clean to higher or lower areas, such as ceilings, corners, etc.


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We are a professional China SV901 Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner manufacturers and OEM/ODM SV901 Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner suppliers, hanging irons, and other small appliances Our goal is to provide customized solutions for the market and our customers, whether it is a single product or a complete set of equipment. Although the market, application, and customers are different, Keyi has a unique philosophy to guide the success of our customers. We will respond to any inquiries and feedback from our customers with patience and care. For inquiries from customers, we will give professional and reasonable quotations as fast as possible. For new products from our customers, we will communicate with them professionally, listen to their opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure the products. For orders from our customers, we will complete it on time and with the right quality.

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  • How long can I get the feedbacks after we sent the inquiry? 

    We will reply you within 12 hours in working day.

  • Are you a direct manufacturer or trading company?

    We have our own independent factory and foreign trade department, fully capable of self-production and self-marketing.

  • What products can you offer?

    We mainly produce handheld vacuum cleaners, wireless multifunctional vacuum cleaners, wet and dry dual-use vacuum cleaners, high-power commercial vacuum cleaners, hanging ironing machines, sweepers, power cords, water purifiers, and other a series of household appliances.

  • What applications do your products relate to?

    We are mainly involved in the research and development of household appliances and electronic products, vacuum cleaner, sweeper, hanging ironing machine, window cleaner, water purifier, plastic products, power lines, sockets, wiring boards, hardware products, LED lamps, solar lamps manufacturing, processing, import and export of self-supporting and agent goods and technologies.

  • Can you do customized products?

    Yes, we can customize the vacuum cleaner and other household appliances according to the customer's needs.

  • Do you have some standard parts?

    Yes, in addition to custom products, we mainly produce large quantities of household vacuum cleaners and sweepers, hanging ironing machines, plastic products, power cords, and a range of household appliances. 

  • How about the capacity of your company?

    We have 20 advanced intelligent production lines, annual output of 1 million of various household appliances, can quickly realize the production of products.

  • How many employees of your comany?what about the technicists?

    The company has more than 300 employees, including more than 20 professional and technical personnel, more than 10 engineers.

  • How to guarantee the quality of your goods?

    We have designated professional equipment and testing facilities management personnel, to ensure the safety of the entire production of equipment and testing equipment. Check inventory of existing equipment and testing facilities and test records. Ensure adequate quantity and qualified quality. Perform regular inspection and maintenance on equipment and testing facilities. Clarify transportation requirements, technical requirements for use and storage requirements of equipment and testing facilities.

  • What’s the payment term?

    when we quote for you, we will confirm with you the way of transaction, FOB, CIF, PDF, etc.

    for mass-production goods, you need to pay a 30% deposit before producing a 70% balance against a copy of documents. the most common way is by T/T. L/C is also acceptable.

  • How to deliver the goods to us?

    Usually, we will ship the goods to you by sea, because we are in Ningbo, and we are only 35 kilometers away from the Ningbo port, it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other country. Of course, if your goods are very urgent, Ningbo Airport and Shanghai Airport are also very nearby.

  • Where are your products mainly exported to?

    Our products are mainly exported to over 30 countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, the UK, Korea, Australia, Canada and etc. 

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Say Goodbye to Dust and Dirt: The Power of a Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Are you tired of constantly battling dust and dirt in your home? Say goodbye to the traditional hassles of cleaning with the power of a multifunctional cordless vacuum cleaner! This innovative cleaning solution is designed to make your life easier and your home cleaner than ever before.
One of the key benefits of a cordless vacuum cleaner is its portability. Without the limitations of a cord, you can effortlessly move from room to room, reaching every nook and cranny without the hassle of finding power outlets or dealing with tangled cords. This freedom of movement allows you to clean more efficiently and saves you precious time.
Additionally, cordless vacuum cleaners often come with multiple attachments and accessories, making them highly versatile. Whether you're dealing with hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, or hard-to-reach areas like ceiling corners or under furniture, these vacuums can handle it all. Switch between different modes and attachments to tackle any cleaning task with ease.
Another advantage of a cordless vacuum cleaner is its lightweight design. Unlike heavy and bulky traditional vacuums, these machines are easier to carry and maneuver, reducing strain on your arms and back during cleaning sessions. This makes them ideal for individuals of all ages, including seniors and those with physical limitations.
Moreover, advancements in battery technology have significantly improved the runtime of cordless vacuum cleaners. Modern models feature powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries that can provide ample cleaning time on a single charge. Some even come with removable batteries, allowing you to extend cleaning sessions by simply swapping out a charged battery.
Maintaining a cordless vacuum cleaner is usually hassle-free as well. Many models have washable filters and dustbins, eliminating the need for expensive replacement filters or messy bags. Just empty the dustbin and rinse the filter when needed, and your vacuum will be ready for the next cleaning session.
If you have pets or suffer from allergies, some cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with advanced filtration systems that capture even the tiniest dust particles and allergens, providing cleaner air in your home.

The Future of Cleaning Technology: Exploring the Multifunctional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

As we look into the future of cleaning technology, the multifunctional cordless vacuum cleaner is set to become even more advanced and indispensable in our daily lives. Manufacturers and researchers are continuously working to enhance these cleaning devices, incorporating cutting-edge features and technologies that will revolutionize the way we clean our homes. Here are some exciting possibilities for the future of cordless vacuum cleaners:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: Future cordless vacuum cleaners may be equipped with AI-powered sensors and machine learning algorithms that can adapt to different cleaning situations automatically. These vacuums will be able to recognize various surfaces, debris types, and room layouts, optimizing their cleaning patterns for maximum efficiency.
Smart Home Integration: With the rise of smart home technology, cordless vacuum cleaners are likely to become an integral part of the connected home ecosystem. You could control your vacuum using voice commands, smartphone apps, or integrate it with other smart devices to create a seamless cleaning experience.
Longer Battery Life and Faster Charging: Battery technology will continue to improve, leading to even longer runtimes for cordless vacuums on a single charge. Additionally, advancements in fast-charging capabilities will minimize downtime, ensuring that your vacuum is always ready to tackle any cleaning task.
Advanced Filtration Systems: To address air quality concerns, future cordless vacuum cleaners may feature highly sophisticated filtration systems capable of trapping even smaller particles, allergens, and pollutants. This will be especially beneficial for households with allergies or respiratory issues.
Self-Cleaning Mechanisms: Cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself can be a chore. Future models may incorporate self-cleaning mechanisms that automatically empty the dustbin, clean the filters, and maintain the overall hygiene of the machine, reducing the need for manual maintenance.
Eco-Friendly Design: With a growing focus on sustainability, future cordless vacuum cleaners may utilize eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient components, and recyclable parts, making them more environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint.
Modularity and Upgradability: To reduce electronic waste and enhance usability, manufacturers might design cordless vacuum cleaners with modular components that can be easily replaced or upgraded. This will extend the lifespan of the product and allow users to adapt to new cleaning challenges without purchasing an entirely new vacuum.
Wireless Charging: Instead of plugging in the vacuum to charge, future models might use wireless charging technology, where the vacuum automatically charges when placed on a specially designed charging pad.
Robotic Integration: Cordless vacuum cleaners may work in tandem with robotic cleaners, allowing them to communicate and coordinate their cleaning efforts, ensuring that your home is thoroughly cleaned without any manual intervention.
Holographic or Augmented Reality Displays: To enhance user experience, future cordless vacuums may come with holographic or augmented reality displays that provide real-time cleaning statistics, interactive cleaning guides, and maintenance prompts.
The future of the multifunctional cordless vacuum cleaner is incredibly promising. As technology continues to evolve, these cleaning devices will become even more efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious, making household chores easier and giving us more time to focus on the things we love.